Б.М. Зеликсон Boris Mikhailovich Zelikson

Joint Stock Company "Plasmofilter" was registered in August 1998. The first general manager and chief Design and maintenanceer of the JSC "Plasmofilter" was Boris Mikhailovich Zelikson (1935-2002) - a distinguished engineer, a talented inventor, author of more than 200 scientific works and inventions. Establishment of the "Plasmofilter" was the logical culmination of Boris Zelikson's activity, aimed at the development and establishment of new medical products. Back in the late 70s under his leadership were developed first domestic membrane oxygenators, blood filters for cardiopulmonary bypass, surgical atraumatic needles.

In those early years (from 1975 to 1980) in the technological laboratory of Research and Manufacturing Association "Sever" (Leningrad), headed by Boris Zelikson, based on the membranes of porous PTFE membrane oxygenator was created (MO "Sever") - "artificial lung". Oxygenator was Design and maintenanceed for cardiopulmonary bypass equipment (heart-lung machine) for open heart surgery. Later it was modified to support blood circulation in acute respiratory failure. Oxygenator successfully passed all the tests in six clinics in the USSR and the Order of the Ministry of Health had been allowed for industrial production and application in medical practice. Setup party has been implemented in several clinics in the country, which save lives and health of many dozens of patients. However, in 1986 due to economic problems the organization of industrial production of membrane oxygenator was discontinued.

Development of blood filter for cardiotomy outflow (full cycle R&D and manufacturing) was carried out in the same laboratory. In 1982 the Ministry of Health of the USSR recommended the product for mass production. The blood filter was Design and maintenanceed for blood-lung machines and was intended for removing clots and lipid particles from the blood, sucked directly from the surgical area and flowing to the oxygenator. The laboratory produced also surgical atraumatic needles, suture material and developed new medical products such as bougies, drainages, contraceptives, dialyzers and artificial blood vessels.

Unfortunately, during period of privatization these themes were suppressed and the majority of the laboratory staff moved to ZAO "Optica" (the founder of the company - Victor Soloviov). As a result, the Research and Production Center "Membrane Technology" as a structural unit of ZAO "Optica" was organized in the late of 1987 under leadership of Director and chief Design and maintenanceer Boris Zelikson. The staff of the Center involved professionals such as Boris Basin, Vladimir Tendler, Aleksander Lieberman, Eugene Vovenko, Emiliya Buran, Tatiana Chertova , Lyudmila Mukhina., Lyudmila Zaboynikova, etc. During several years a group of like-minded, highly skilled professionals has been formed.

All efforts of the Center were focuced on the development and production of the two medical products: membrane plasma filter (PFM) and fine air filter (HEPA filters) for clean production facilities, including operating rooms. From 1988 to 1995 R&D activity for Design and maintenance and special manufacturing equipment, organization of industrial production of the HEPA filters was funded by the Ministry of Machinery Manufacturing of the USSR, the plant "Mikron" (Zelenograd), the plant "Mayak" (Chelyabinsk) and ZAO "Nevskaya optica". Due to the talents of Boris Zelikson a new open-frame modular air filter (FTOV-BM), exceeding functional and operational characteristics of foreign and domestic counterparts, have been created. Thousand filters of various sizes were manufactured in the Center. In 1997, however, development of the fine air filters was discontinued due to lack of investments. The theme was transferred to the St. Petersburg company "Venture", which produces and sells air filters to the present day.

In the beginning, funding of researches on plasmafiltration and development of plasma filtrers was carried out under contracts with the USSR Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense of the USSR, the Main Department of Health in Leningrad and at the expense of "Nevskaya Optica". Since 1995, the Center turned to complete self-financing, and in 1998 transformed into an independent company "Plasmofilter".

Development of first domestic membrane plasma filters was launched under consultancy of prominent Russian scientists Acad. S.N. Flerov and Acad. A.I. Vorobiev. During four years the Center has developed and implemented entire production cycle of a new membrane plasma filter PFM-800, which was based on a flat porous track membranes. Instructions for conducting procedures of plasmapheresis using PFM were elaborated too (in collaboration with health professionals). In 1992 permission of the Ministry of Health was given for clinical use and industrial production of plasma filters.

Since 1992, more than 500 medical institutions in Russia, CIS and Baltic States have used several hundred thousand of plasma filters, noting their high functional parameters, reliability and ease of application techniques. Design and maintenance, technology and methods of PFM are protected by patents of Russia and presended in numerous publications.

After decease of Boris Zelikson in 2002, ZAO "Plasmofilter" was headed by his colleague Boris Basin. The Company continues to grow. During recent years the industrial production of a portable apparatus for plasmapheresis "GEMMA" have been started. New mesh prostheses with antimicrobial properties for hernial operations implemented in medical practice.

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